Launching of our new website

After several months of work, SYMCOD is proud to launch its brand new website!

It is by keeping in mind our mission and our values that we have designed, in collaboration with CIBLE, a website in our image. Because the Internet has become a must and because fast access to information is a necessity in our daily lives, we have designed a functional and modern website that will allow all our customers and partners to find everything they need, and to do so efficiently.

A new and improved website

To provide a complete and user-friendly platform, we have restructured our tree to make browsing as intuitive as possible. Our goal being clear, we wanted a simple and easy browsing in order to further simplify website research. To this end, our new graphic design allows a better visualization of product sheets, detailed and structured, by category. Another important improvement is that we have integrated a downloads centre that will allow you to effectively find, through research, product information, such as user guide, technical specifications, etc.

Finally, to keep direct access with all our partners and customers, we integrated a newsletter. You are cordially invited to register now!

Discover the SYMCOD experience!

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