Industrial Computers

Ordinateurs étanches

– Touch screen
– Stainless steel housing
– Wet or sanitized environment

All-in-one computers

– Touch screen
– Aluminum casing
– Industrial environment

Panel mount computers

– Touch screen
– Built-in aluminum casing
– Automation and others projects

Industrial PC box

– Aluminum casing
– Installation on DIN rails, cabinets, etc.
– Automation and others projects

Industrial PCs
for the toughest

Today’s industrial world has its share of challenges. Fortunately, you can count on Symcod’s industrial computers and expertise to support you in your daily tasks. Whether you are in the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, commercial, institutional or automation sectors and operate a small business or a large corporation, data management technology equipment adapted to your environment is the solution for implementing or optimizing a paperless strategy.


Robust, reliable, durable

Symcod offers different types of industrial computers that are all compatible with your existing equipment and configurable based on your specific needs. Our product line of robust stand-alone, panel mount, waterproof or PC box industrial PCs can withstand hostile environments and intensive use and are reliable and durable thanks to their unique design and carefully selected components.


Expertise and premium quality parts

At Symcod, we make sure to source only quality parts that are perfectly adapted to the current industrial reality. One of the most fragile components of a desktop computer is the fan, which can be quickly affected by dust and grease. A clogged fan will lose its efficiency, causing the PC to overheat and deteriorate in an attempt to keep the heat down. Thus, the fanless design and IP50 to IP69K sealing of our industrial computer cases allow for use in all types of environments and minimize infiltration that could damage the electronic parts.

Une autre pièce sensible des ordinateurs conventionnels est le disque de stockage des données. Celui-ci doit être tenu à l’écart des champs magnétiques et éviter les vibrations. Dans nos PC industriels nous installons des « Solid State Disk » (SSD) qui sont de petite taille, rapides, silencieux, peu énergivores et qui offrent une plus longue durée de vie. De quoi réduire vos coûts de maintenance et améliorer la fiabilité de vos machines.

Notre expertise de plus de trente ans des équipements de gestion de données informatiques nous amène à sélectionner les meilleurs processeurs écoénergétiques disponibles sur le marché, selon vos besoins. Nous nous assurons ainsi de vous proposer exactement ce qui convient à votre réalité, que ce ne soit ni peu, ni trop performant pour vos applications, dans un souci d’économie d’énergie mais aussi de limitation de la chaleur.

With over 30 years of experience in data management equipment, we select the best energy-efficient processors available on the market, based on your needs. We make sure to offer you exactly what you need in terms of performance for your applications in order to save energy and also limit heat.

Industrial PCs for all your applications

Symcod’s industrial PCs are resistant to vibration, shock, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures and last much longer than conventional computers intended for home or commercial use. Rapid support by our qualified technicians offers our customers and partners long-term peace of mind since parts are available for a long time.

Regardless of the sector in which you operate and whether you use a HMI to operate a machine or a production line, visualize inventory or a production process, Symcod’s industrial computers will always perform. Moreover, by acquiring durable industrial data management equipment, you also contribute to reducing your company’s ecological footprint by limiting the number of discarded units.

Collecting, centralizing, processing and managing your data has never been so easy than with a Symcod design. Contact us now to learn more!


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