The Company

Innovation in data acquisition in harsh environments

Founded in 1990, Symcod is a technological company that has stood out from the competition for over 30 years by offering reliable and high-performance equipment. Designed for data collection, organization, use, extraction, consultation and distribution, our products meet the highest quality standards.

To maintain these high standards, Symcod controls all the production stages of its industrial computers and related equipment, from raw materials to final assembly.

Always striving to offer products at the cutting edge of technology, innovation and constant improvement is our top priority that allows us to deliver the highly specialized service you deserve.

Behind each piece of our equipment is the expertise of an entire team that worked together to develop an innovative product that respects user needs in the most difficult environments and that surpasses the expectations of the industries we serve.

Our Mission

At Symcod, our mission is to design, develop and market the most innovative data collection equipment through a specialized partner network.

With our extensive experience, we understand the needs and challenges of today’s businesses from a wide range of industries whose work environment that requires adapted equipment. Therefore, Symcod offers technological answers to the specific constraints of each customer, by advising them on current product range of equipment or by developing customized systems.

Our Values

We base our business practices on the creation of partnerships and collaborations, both within our network of partners and in the relationships that bind us to our customers and suppliers.

We also pay particular attention to the quality and consistency of the support provided by our teams. When our customers call the Symcod hotline, they get clear and precise answers that allow them to explore the full potential of their devices.

Our Strength

Our ability to understand the needs of the market and translate them into reliable technological answers is certainly one of our company’s major strengths, which sets us apart from the competition.

Symcod also has a large partner network. Our experts in development, software implementation and equipment integration are always available for you. They proudly represent the company and are an essential and unique asset for our equipment users.

Optimizing data management


To optimize data collection and management, equipment must be carefully chosen and professionally installed and both networking and ergonomics must be taken into account. When implemented in robust, reliable and high-performance equipment, the software completes the solution and this coherent package offers the user significant added value. Symcod’s products are also always backed by efficient, effective, and uninterrupted service.

From the very beginning, Symcod’s global vision to meet the real needs of customers has led us to constantly innovate and offer state-of-the-art equipment, thus contributing to the company’s success.

At Symcod, we guarantee the quality of both our expertise and our range of unique equipment.

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