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  • What is an industrial computer?

    An industrial computer is used in harsh or even hostile conditions to withstand various external aggressions such as shocks, liquid splashes, dust or extreme temperatures.

  • What is the difference between a resistive and capacitive touch screen?

    The resistive screen is recognized by its flexible surface, which sinks very slightly when you apply pressure. This screen can be used indiscriminately with any finger or pointed tip.

    Capacitive screens, on the other hand, are used by some devices to benefit from touch features. The screen is covered with a layer that accumulates electrical charges and activates sensors that measure charges in each corner.

  • Are your computers really resistant to water pressure?

    Yes! Some of our computers allow pressure washing to avoid bacterial contamination, mainly for food processing plants.

  • When am I going to receive my order?

    For this type of information, please contact us at: sales@symcod.com and have your order number on hand to facilitate the processing of information.

  • Can I have my SYMCOD product repaired?

    Yes, all of our SYMCOD products offer an extended life cycle. For more information, please contact us at support@symcod.com

  • Do you offer the possibility of demos for testing purposes?

    Yes, all of our products are available and are loaned regularly for testing to confirm proof of concept.

  • Are the products really made in North America?

    Since 1990, all SYMCOD products have been specially manufactured in Canada to enable better quality control and customer satisfaction.

  • What is the difference between a product for a dry environment and a wet environment?

    A dry environment contains steel dust, agriculture, oil, paint as well as restaurant kitchens particles, etc. A wet environment includes food processing plants where liquid is present, etc.

  • What is the SYMCOD warranty?

    Our warranty is 2 years on parts and labor. However, SYMCOD offers an extended warranty of 3 additional years (total of 5 years).

  • Do you offer customized solutions for specific needs?

    Yes, 20% of our projects involve custom needs. Be sure that all new ideas are well received. We have the engineering team to meet all the technological challenges of the market.

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