Manufacturing Industry

The unique conditions of the manufacturing environment

The manufacturing industry is vast and Symcod is ready to meet its demands with a range of proven products that are solid, efficient and durable. Our long-standing customers operate in the wood, metal, mining, paper, rubber, cast iron, plastic, textile, furniture, automotive, transportation, electronics, and information industries and are all equally satisfied. Not only do they benefit from our expertise, but we also listen to them. It is thanks to their collaboration in sharing their daily challenges with us that we are able to offer tools that are perfectly adapted to their environment. We never hesitate to evolve our equipment to ensure that it aligns with the technological development of the manufacturing environment.

As a stakeholder in the metallurgy, food distribution, transformation or manufacturing sectors, you are well aware of the risks to key computer parts from dust and water or intensive use and production floor conditions. You can rely on Symcod equipment to withstand adverse conditions for many years.


We offer a wide selection of rugged equipment that you can customize to your needs through quality options and accessories. By selecting the CPU capacity, operating system, RFID and multifunction support, you can ensure that you build the right workstation for the type of work you need to do and the ergonomics of your users. Our computers, monitors, and industrial solutions are reliable and efficient so you can maximize every dollar you invest. Focus on managing your production and let our solutions make your life easier. A paperless management strategy is within your reach!

All-in-one computers

– Touch screen
– Aluminum casing
– Industrial environment

Waterproof touch screen computers

– Touch screen
– Stainless steel housing
– Wet or sanitized environment

Panel mount computers

– Touch screen
– Built-in aluminum casing
– Automation and others projects

Industrial PC box

– Aluminum casing – Installation on DIN rails, cabinets, etc. – Automation and others projects

Industrial touchscreen monitors

– Touch screen
– Aluminum casing
– Automation and other projects

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