Discover the equipment that meets your specific needs

SYMCOD offers reliable, durable and high-performance products for the collection, acquisition, visualization and processing of a variety of data for many sectors, such as OEM manufacturing, control panel design, industrial and commercial.

No matter how complex and challenging your work environment, SYMCOD will be able to provide you with the equipment you need.

Product categories

  • Industrial Computers

    Make it easier to control your production progress with these robust, reliable and affordable industrial computers designed for all types of harsh environments!

  • Industrial Touch Screens

    This durable and affordable touchscreen is the perfect solution for dry industrial environments. You can efficiently monitor time or inventory as well your production progress.

  • Access Control Systems and Converter

    Stay safe at all times with this system designed to control access to doors, gates and converters in a simple and optimal way.

  • Data Collection Devices

    These terminals are designed for commercial and industrial environments and are easy to install and have several modes of operation allowing you to collect data from different sources, while promoting better time management!

  • Digital Displays

    Time-stamping tools that display the time in the workplace and have visibility of up to 200 feet.

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