Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

The challenges of a wet or sanitized environment

If you work in the food processing, health or hygiene sector, you are certainly aware of the challenges of using electronic equipment in a humid, wet or dusty environment. Over the past 30 years, Symcod has developed specialized knowledge of these types of hostile conditions in order to support its customers. This is why we are now a benchmark in the field.

Data management devices in such environments must withstand moisture, splashes and even the presence of liquids. They must be dust-tight and waterproof and also resist premature wear and tear often caused by corrosive products used in cleaning and sanitizing work surfaces.

That’s why all the models in our range of hermetic TermiCom computers have a robust casing made of antibacterial stainless steel. Offering IP65 to IP69K sealing, our efficient, reliable and durable PCs are part of the paperless management equation.

Since automation has been integrated into the food and pharmaceutical processing industry, clear gains in quality, efficiency, hygiene and ergonomics have been noted. The collection of various data, weighing, packaging, labelling, and traceability are automated and are finally within the reach of all companies. The information is accessible in real time, which allows you to quickly make the right decisions to maximize your profitability regardless of the challenges on the production floor.


You have strict hygiene standards to respect. You must avoid wasting time moving your industrial computers during cleaning shifts. You must make your data management equipment investments profitable, and stop replacing equipment. Symcod understands your reality and offers you hygienic, perfectly sealed equipment adapted to high-temperature water pressure cleaning. We are ready to take on the challenges of an adverse environment with you!

Waterproof touch screen computers

– Touch screen
– Stainless steel housing
– Wet or sanitized environment

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