Your environment and your challenges… Our solutions!

All industries have specific conditions based on their type of operation. Symcod is committed to providing the right tools for each of these situations to meet the needs of its customers. Working with Symcod means using only the highest quality equipment and components available on the market. Our buyers always select suppliers with reputable parts.

Our customers are assured of receiving the right advice to help them choose the type of robust, high-performance data management equipment that will meet the specifics and requirements of even the most challenging work environment. Symcod’s industrial and other computers can also be easily integrated with existing equipment.

Our customers’ main concern is undoubtedly the stability of their production. To achieve this stability, and therefore productivity and profitability, they must be able to count on highly reliable peripherals and equipment. This is why we take great care at Symcod to select only parts that are specifically designed and built to perform over long, intensive shifts in all kinds of conditions including welding, dust, heat, acid, oil, cold, water, vibration, and many others.

Working with reliable equipment is good. But working with reliable and durable equipment is better. The reliability and durability of the components we use are of great importance because they offer Symcod customers peace of mind by reducing maintenance and parts replacement, thus saving time and costs.

As a Symcod partner, you can also expect more than what other manufacturers offer. We believe that, even though our equipment is often used in environments where performance has a much greater impact than appearance, there is always a reason to customize our equipment to your colours and add your logo, and thus add value to your investment.

At Symcod, we stand out through our expertise and our understanding of your challenges. See what we can do to support you in your industry:

Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Industrial computers perfectly adapted to humid, wet or sanitized environments.

Automation Industry

Industrial computers perfectly adapted to humid, wet or sanitized environments.


Equipment that provides stability to your operations, minimizes costly downtime and optimizes your profitability.