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Because Symcod designs, manufactures and markets its own equipment, the company has unique expertise and knowledge of its products, enabling it to support and assist its customers and retailer network in a highly representative manner.

We offer service and equipment that are tailored to your needs, whether you are in the evaluation or operation stage.



Evaluation service

Ensure you choose the right equipment by talking to one of our Symcod product experts.

Our specialists will provide tips and recommendations, answer your questions, and guide you in selecting equipment adapted to your work environment and that meet your specific challenges. If necessary, our team can visit your sites for a customized evaluation service that takes the user’s environment into account.


Custom engineering service

At Symcod, the desire to innovate influences the design of each piece of equipment.

As research and development is an integral part of the way we work, we are able to support you in researching and creating solutions for all your technology needs. Our engineering service and experienced buyers excel through innovative projects that are perfectly customized to your needs.

Joint marketing

Accelerate your business development.

Take advantage of the joint marketing programs offered by Symcod.



Start-up assistance service

Are you a new retailer who needs support or assistance?

Are you a new retailer who needs support or assistance?
Contact us.

Software integration support service

Symcod guarantees the performance of its systems.

In order to ensure a smooth integration process, one of our specialists can assist you in linking your management software to the equipment libraries.



Breakdown assistance services

Is a piece of equipment or system no longer working? Symcod to the rescue!

If the retailer is unable to diagnose the equipment failure or restore it to working order, our team of experts can assist you.

Shop repair services

In the event of breakdown or malfunction, we have the expertise and tools to repair or upgrade your device in our workshop.

To benefit from this service, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form is available on our website.

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