Digital Displays


Time-stamping tools that display the time in the workplace and have visibility of up to 200 feet.

Time-stamping clocks and digital displays in sync with the network or server.

They are robust and sealed and can be used in dry, damp or wet environments.

They allow to display machine numbers as well as their performance speed, percentage (%), production status, number of rejected parts, etc.

Additional documentation

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Key features

  • Displays time and digital data in real time
  • Synchronization available with network and server
  • Suitable for all types of environment
  • Visibility up to 200 feet
  • Ethernet TCP communication

Related Accessories

  • 18 VDC power supply unit or single injector 24 VDC or DC injector 8 ports 24 VDC
  • Version without or with inputs/outputs (optocoupled digital, piezo and dry contact)

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