Wireless temperature and humidity sensors


A powerful communication gateway.

IoT wireless temperature and humidity probe monitor. Each gateway can communicate with up to 50 temperature sensors. A maximum of 9 gateways can be present on the same site to reach 450 sensors. To simplify your installations, no software configuration is required. Addresses and different parameters are selected using rotating switches, directly integrated with the Neuron-Air.


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Key features

  • Cold and heat-resistant sensor
  • Requires no additional IP address to setup and does not require a structural overhaul
  • 900 MHzlong-range radiowaves, independent of wifi
  • Technology that allows for simple, wireless installations, while providing the power needed to cross obstacles, such as stainless steel walls, concrete, etc.

Custom configuration

  • Bridge RS-232
  • USB bridge (COM PORT emulation))
  • Ethernet TCP Bridge
  • Ethernet Bridge compatible LBC-IP SOH cloud
  • Ethernet Bridge compatible LBC-IP SOH
  • Ethernet Bridge Modbus Protocol TCP Slave
  • Ethernet Bridge MQTT Protocol

Additional options

  • Sensor with external probe

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