XR series industrial monitors


The TermiCom XR series monitors are the declination of our computers of the same name that have proven themselves for over 30 years. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial environments, the XR19-DP touchscreen industrial monitors offer exceptional reliability and optimal machine state overview. Their long lifespan ensures continuous and efficient use in the harshest conditions.


  • 19’’ (483 mm) resistive touch screen
  • Anti-reflective polyester protective film
  • Robust and compact aluminum housing
  • VGA port, USB or RS-232 port, HDMI port and DVI port
  • Horizontal or wall mount provided
  • Can be used with gloves
  • Possible remote installation from a PC with KVM extender
  • Power supply included
  • Operating temperature from -5 °C to 55 °C (23 °F to 131 °F)

XR19-DP monitors

  • 19’’ touch screen

Technology and automation

With software, control panels are at the heart of many automation tasks, such as machine control, process and logistics system control, data acquisition or image processing. Gradually, traditional control tasks by programmable logic controllers are being replaced by computer and HMI control technologies. Although capacitive touch screens have become indispensable in some industrial applications, there is still a large market for “single touch” applications.

These applications use resistive touch technology that meets the high requirements of the industry in terms of mechanical stability, resistance to harsh environments and ease of use. Equipped with this same resistive technology, Symcod’s XR19-DP industrial monitor is perfectly suited and ready to meet the challenge for many years.


Mechanical and thermal robustness

The XR19-DP housing is made of aluminum which has very good mechanical and thermal properties. Anodizing makes it possible to obtain a high-quality and durable surface. Whether you are in a factory, restaurant kitchen, health service institution or automation, this equipment is shock-resistant, vibration-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 55 °C. It will allow you to ensure efficient and profitable operations even if you operate in difficult industrial conditions.


  • Operation control station
  • Weight entry station for electronic balance
  • ERP / MRP
  • Display of 3D plans and parts


  • VESA mount
  • USB or RS-232 port
  • External proximity reader
  • Extended warranty


  • VESA mount stand
  • Stylus

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