SAMUEL BOUCHARD: New Vice President Technologies at Symcod

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Nouvel employé Symcod au poste de VP Technologies
Samuel Bouchard, VP Technologies

Samuel Bouchard

The Symcod team is excited to welcome a new Vice President of Technologies to our company. With extensive experience in customer service and highly developed technical expertise, Samuel Bouchard is well-equipped to address the needs and demands of our growing clientele.

Before joining Symcod, Samuel embarked on an impressive journey in the field of information technology. As a IT Director / Systems Engineer, he gained solid experience in IT management. His unwavering belief is that technology should serve humans, and this vision drives his daily work.

At Symcod, we serve a diverse clientele, ranging from automation to food-processing, and manufacturing sectors. Samuel is intimately familiar with these industries, knowing that each project is unique. For him, establishing trust with clients is paramount. “The key to success lies in a deep understanding of each client’s needs and constraints. This way, we can ensure the perfect fit for their specific situation,” he emphasizes.

Our new VP of Technologies is ready to tackle these challenges with enthusiasm, offering robust and high-performing data management solutions that adapt seamlessly to various work environments, even the most demanding ones.

Feel free to reach out to Samuel at 1-800-203-9421 or via email at He will be delighted to build a trusting relationship with you and assist you with your technological projects.

Welcome aboard, Samuel! 🚀

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