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PC Symcod in extreme conditions!

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Industrial PC subjected to extreme conditions

Last August, we launched a crazy idea to our customers: test a Symcod PC in extreme conditions!


A survey conducted via our LinkedIn page collected votes and suggestions. Among the options proposed were immersion of the PC in mud, transformation of the computer into an ice block, watering with a fire hose, or subjecting the PC to bullet impact. The result of our survey was clear: bullet impact at 290 km/h won the majority of the votes. Promise made, promise kept, our industrial PC was subjected to extreme conditions!

Cody, Symcod’s Dummy Computer

At Symcod, just like with our equipment, we don’t do things halfway. So we didn’t just carry out the most popular test from our survey. We decided to take the challenge up a notch and subject our industrial PC to all the tests in the survey. Yes, all the tests! For this challenge, Cody, our dummy computer, was born, which was sacrificed for science… and pleasure!

Cody had to face a mudslide, which allowed us to validate the performance, among other things, of the touch screen in “wet mode”. The challenge of exposure to the icy cold of a freezer allowed us to test the resistance of electronic components to temperatures similar to those in a food processing plant. A firefighter and his fire hose, on the other hand, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the IP69K waterproofness of our computer. The last test, but the most anticipated of all, the unleashing of paintballs, confirms the robustness of the tempered glass capacitive touch screen. Without ever faltering, Cody has proven that Symcod industrial PCs are capable of withstanding the worst conditions while maintaining their performance and reliability!

Videos not to be missed

Are you curious to see Cody in all its states? We are finishing the witness videos of  “The Four Tasks of Cody”. Visit the video section of our website very soon to discover the videos presenting Cody’s exploits. You will see conditions that simulate the hostile environments to which Symcod computers are subjected daily. See for yourself the robustness and quality of our industrial PCs.

Do you want to try our industrial equipment in your workplace? Do not hesitate to complete the demo request form or contact us. We will be happy to accompany you in your projects. Symcod guarantees an industrial PC that won’t let you down, even in the most difficult conditions!

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