Symcod joins the REAI

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Group of Industrial Automation Businesses

We are delighted to announce that Symcod is now a member of the REAI; the Industrial Automation Business Group. Joining this professional group offers us a platform to collaborate with other companies that share our passion for automation. Joining the REAI also explicitly demonstrates our willingness and commitment to stay at the cutting edge of the industry. Symcod joins the REAI

The REAI: an innovation group

The Industrial Automation Business Group (REAI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Quebec’s industry 4.0 and to showcase the competence and know-how of its members to the players in the manufacturing sector, government authorities, financial institutions and socio-economic decision-makers.

With more than 130 member companies operating in the field of automation, the REAI offers its members the opportunity to share knowledge specific to their sector, exchange ideas and collaborate on projects. Through the Group, Symcod will benefit from access to a network of companies and professionals who share the same interests in innovation.

A rewarding exchange of expertise

Symcod’s membership in the REAI is also beneficial for the group itself. As a Quebec manufacturer of industrial PCs for over 30 years, Symcod brings a unique expertise to the REAI. We are happy to share our expertise and experience with the other members of the group, thus helping them to cope with some of the challenges of technological resources.

Successful networking day

Throughout the year, several networking events are organized by the Group. In fact, the REAI golf tournament, which was held recently in September, allowed Symcod to meet many of its members. It was a fantastic day of networking, with perfect weather and even some good golf! These interactions, in a fun context, allowed us to better understand the reality of each other and to exchange on the challenges faced by the other companies in the sector. We are looking forward to working together to overcome these challenges and seize these development opportunities.

Symcod’s membership in the REAI clearly represents our desire to contribute to the development of industrial automation. We are very happy to be part of a group of enthusiasts like us, and we are proud to collaborate with the other members to advance our industry and continue to provide our customers with high quality industrial PC solutions that meet the standards of automation. Thank you to the REAI for welcoming us into their group. We are happy to contribute to the automation of Quebec businesses!

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