Time and Attendance Management Solutions

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Symcod’s industrial computers are essential tools for companies looking to optimize their performance and profitability. The touchscreen computers of the TermiCom series have various options to help employers effectively track employee schedules, attendance, and performance.


The integrated camera is one of the options available with Symcod’s W series touch screen industrial computers. It is an effective tool to eliminate buddy punching and ensure accurate tracking of time and attendance in the workplace.

Buddy punching, where one employee punches in for another, can cost companies thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity and wages. 

An integrated camera in your workstations or time punching stations is an excellent deterrent strategy against “buddy punching.” Available on Symcod’s TermiCom W industrial computers, this option and many others simplify your daily tasks and eliminate time-consuming management irritants.


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The internal RFID reader offered on Symcod’s W series industrial computers is an additional solution to support you in managing the time and attendance of your workforce. It also eliminates the need for separate punch devices.

With this integrated RFID reader option, you simplify your attendance management processes, save time, and reduce errors. The proximity reader ensures accurate data collection, enabling you to make informed decisions based on reliable data.

Our team of experts is also available to meet at your workplace and evaluate with you which solutions are perfectly suited to your needs.


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